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PostSubject: Ronosuki   Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:12 pm

Name:Ronosuki. (last name forgotten a long time ago.)




Weight:165 lb.

Bio:He was a pup and his family was slaughtered by humans yet, he still shows no ill will toward them. Probably on count of that he is half human one member actually survived the slaughter and it was his grandfather.He was injured pretty badly though and he is full fledged wolf it would take a strong opponent to do away with that old man.He had to take on full human form to full the humans from trying to kill him. Rono was half wolf and human the grandfather hated the human side of Rono but adored the demon side.Once every full moon he transforms into half wolf to, whole and on a new moon night he changes completely human. Once Rono's father died he was left a sword that there's family had for generations and the sword was passed onto Akai by his grandfather.The old man is forced to remain human until the madness between humans and wolves subside. Rono would rather not be
apart of the madness of the world but if he had to kill he would have no problem with that iether. Rono looks like a normal school boy now and controles himself during the day but takes his force out on other animals when he encounters them.

Pic: Wolf Form:

Human Form: (please forgive me I have no image of an anime character to match the description of my character.) He has a caramel skin tone and his eyes a pure
black while not using his ability. He has black pearl ear rings in each ear and his hair is cut low and he also has cold black hair. He also has a loose black collar around his neck all the time which he never removes it has a plate on the Japanese symbol of it for "wind." He never buttons up his school uniform and lets his white shirt just dangle out of his pants. He also has a wristband on his right wrist when he opens his mouth always fangs are shown even without trying. He often scars
people off because of it. When using his ability his eyes change silver when in moon light they would seem like they glowed. (please try to look past this at least this one time.)
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PostSubject: Re: Ronosuki   Sun Aug 09, 2009 2:15 pm

hmmm it looks pretty good, ill say.......................................................................................................................................................................................aproved

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